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Baticrea is a business & employment cooperative of the JobYourself group. It is aimed at project leaders in the construction, craft, manual and green trades sectors.

It offers candidate-entrepreneurs a secure and quality framework for preparing and testing their freelance project.

They invoice their own customers through Baticrea and thus verify the viability of their project before setting up their own business.

During this invoicing phase, if they benefit from unemployment or social benefits, they can keep them under certain conditions (Exemptions Actiris - authorization by the CPAS)

During the preparation and testing phases, the JobYourself Baticrea team provides support for future entrepreneurs through advice, coaching, and administrative support in the creation of their own job.

JobYourself Baticrea also places a strong emphasis on eco-construction and resilience design. It raises awareness and encourages candidate-entrepreneurs to take into account environmental aspects and train in eco-construction techniques.

Support is free of charge during the preparation phase. During the test phase, a contribution proportional to the gross margin of the candidate-entrepreneur is debited by the cooperative, as a contribution of its own expenses.

Interested? Register online for the collective information sessions (FR)  organized by JobYourself Baticrea. 

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