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Local Economy Office of Saint-Gilles - Village Partenaire



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The Local Economy Office of Saint-Gilles opened its doors on the 7th of January 2002 with the goal of helping (future) Brussels entrepreneurs create and/or develop their company. One of its main missions is to accompany the future self employed persons and companies who wish set up a business in Brussels. By its proximity work, the LEO takes part in the economic revitalization of the municipality of Saint-Gilles.

The LEO receives you, informs you, and accompanies you in all the steps of the creation of a company:

  • Development of the idea
  • Coherence analysis between the project and the entrepreneur
  • Aid in establishing a business plan
  • Market study, feasibility, and viability analysis
  • Search for potential funding (loans, bonuses, grants) and aid in introducing a finance request
  • Choice of legal structure
  • Managerial obligations: VAT demands, fiscal and social security obligations

The Village Partenaire is also a team of experts that give you advice about sustainable entrepreneurship...

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