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Smart provides concrete answers, offers advice, training, and administrative, legal, and fiscal/financial tools to simplify and legalize the professional activity of the self-employed.

The goal?

To constantly create innovative, scalable solutions so that the status of artist or creative professional tends toward more security; to thus ensure members a clear professional situation by freeing them up of the administrative burdens so that they can devote themselves to what is essential: their activity.

SMart works on the principle of pooling.  This system makes possible, through economies of scale, to offer free or low-cost specialized services; to develop more and more new management tools for the contracts or activities of our members.  The pooling of resources is also the guarantee of our financial and political independence to ensure the best defense of our members' interests at all levels of power.

For whom are the services of SMart?

Since January 1st 2012, you need to exercise an activity which is an integral part of what Smart defines as "creative professions" in order to become a member.  This definition includes:

  • artistic and creative professions
  • technical-artistic activities
  • trades related to the arts (production, dissemination, etc.). All the trades which are historically part of Smart, and which share important similarities with creative professionals: journalism, communications, translation, socio-cultural animation, web professionals, training, and event planning.


  • Council (among others, legal)
  • Contract management
  • Activity management
  • Financial services, crowdfunding
  • Publications, Research, Lobbying
  • Training Programs

Smart has 12 offices in Belgium. Find an English-speaking advisor in their contact database.

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