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Smart is a cooperative, which provides a 'home' for projects of workers, (creative) entrepreneurs or freelancers. You can use shared resources and tools, and you can develop your activities with complete peace of mind. By becoming a member of the cooperative Smart, you can claim social security benefits as an employee and still enjoy the freedom of being self-employed. Smart is therefore a secure alternative to starting a business or self-employment.


Smart allows you to develop your activity autonomously, without setting up a company and without taking risks. You find your clients and you decide how much to invoice for your services.
If you are a member of Smart, you are an employee of the cooperative and benefit from the social security system that goes with it. Once the quote is signed and the job is completed, Smart, as the employer, will pay your salary, seven days after the end of the job, even if the client has not yet paid the invoice. Smart is responsible for remuneration and all resulting social security and tax returns.


Smart is open to anyone who needs it! For journalists, musicians, web designers, consultants, teachers or sports instructors ... For people who want to set up a sustainable business project, job seekers who want to resume an activity, students who are trying out an activity, retirees or wage earners with additional earnings to supplement their income.
Regardless of your current status, profile or profession*, whether you're looking for  punctual service or long-term business development, whether you're considering major investments, hiring staff or just need to invoice for a service, Smart is the solution. Smart also offers you the opportunity to work on a permanent contract basis (open-ended contract), full-time or part-time.

*There are a few exceptions; please see the website for details.


  • General services: invoicing, contracts, payroll, expense records.
  • Risk coverage: payment on 'D+7' of service, insurance coverage.
  • Shared tools: management platform, shared office spaces.
  • Individual and collective support, access to training, advice and legal expertise.


The tools and services shared within Smart are collectively funded by members' contributions in a variety of ways. As long as you are not carrying out any activity, no contribution is expected. 
More information can be found on the website under "Services".

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