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Are you developing a start-up project with a positive impact on society? Do you want to join a challenging entrepreneurial environment to give yourself a boost?

Then StartLAB.Brussels is for you. The incubator supports ambitious entrepreneurs under the age of 30 in launching their start-up.


Projects in all sectors are accepted with a priority for projects that contribute to sustainable development objectives.


StartLAB runs a coaching programme - designed by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs - to support students and young graduates in the achievement of their entrepreneurial project. The programme includes:

  1. group coaching workshops
  2. training courses
  3. meetings between entrepreneurs and experience-sharing
  4. access to coworking spaces, etc.
  5. access to experts
  6. individual coaching
  7. participation in inspiring events.

Unlike other start-up support structures, the programmes focus more on the personal and professional development of the entrepreneur than on the development of the business project as such (especially at the beginning of the incubation process).

At present, the programme is structured into four phases:

  • Phases 1 and 2 (known as 'Test.LAB'), during which each entrepreneur must confirm their desire to undertake and find their first "product-market fit".
  • Phases 3 and 4 (known as 'Launch.LAB'), during which the company takes shape, and each entrepreneur has to 'sell' their product or service and develop their strategy in order to take off

StartLAB.Brussels is the result of the merger of Start.LAB (ULB) and Start.VUB.  It works closely with Startlab.Ichec.

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Feeling hesitant about launching your business? Need guidance and support to make that leap?


It's your chance to discover inspiring projects led by young entrepreneurs driven to make a positive impact on our society.

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