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Syndicat des Indépendants et des PME (SDI)



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The SDI ( (Trade Union for self-employed persons and SMEs) is an apolitical and national interprofessional federation that groups thousands of SME entrepreneurs, freelancers, retail traders, craftsmen, liberal professions, franchises... As a defender of small economic operators, it is recognised and approved by the federal government and a member of the “Conseil Supérieur des Indépendants et des PME”.

The SDI ensures a large legal and promotional assistance to its independent members and entrepreneurs. This assistance consists of a full-time legal, social, and financial service as well as management advisory services by individuals with a law degree as well as a debt collection service ensured by a judicial officer firm.

The SDI endeavors for its range of services to be as large and as close as possible to the needs and wishes of freelancers and SMEs: information, interventions, consultations, telephone hotline, overall and punctual social actions...

In practice, any freelancer or entrepreneur who becomes a member of the organization can request – at any moment during their membership – advice, documentation, intervention, or assistance from the lobby group and/or its legal service, with no limit to the number of interventions asked for or subject matter.

The services provided can be summarized as follows:

  • multidisciplinary advice and interventions intended to help affiliates in their professional activites;
  • legal, accounting, social, and fiscal information by phone, consultation, or mail;
  • legal assistance for any dispute;
  • debt collection via a judicial officer firm;
  • developing support structures for members at fiscal, social, and bank levels;
  • explanatory brochures and files on topical issues, sending documentation, contracts, and various legal studies...

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