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Organisation of international events (conference, congress, trade fair, etc.) in Brussels

Brussels is the capital of 500 million Europeans, a convivial, cosmopolitan city at the crossroads of information and influence. It is universally recognised as a place where ideas move forward, where projects become reality and where decisions are made. When you choose Brussels for your international meeting, you get a lot of advantages on your side. 

Organising an event is a job in itself and demands a lot of time and special management skills. The Associations & Convention team at visit.brussels has this expertise and can share it with you. We can provide a global service with advice, promotional help, information on venues and hotels and welcome for participants.

On top of this, we can give those extra final touches to your event so that it exceeds expectations.

Association Bureau (AB)

Brussels is the headquarters of 2.000 international associations. In order to strengthen its position as the first international organization city in the world, visit.brussels has set up the Association Bureau (AB) in order to help international associations to meet their business goals by providing valuable support in 4 keys areas:

  • One-stop shop: the AB acts as a single point of contact for associations, steering them to the right direction to reach their business goals and assist them with any information related to the setting up or the running of an organization in Brussels.

  • Global Association Hubs Partnership (GAHP). With the strategic partnership Brussels has set up with Destination DC, Dubai and Singapore, the European Capital provides a unique platform assisting international associations in their development strategy.

  • Training opportunities: the AB centralizes all information related to training initiatives and continuous education for associations. Visit.brussels is also supporting the Executive Master in International Association Management set up by Solvay Business School. It is also organizing the annual peer to peer “European Association Summit”.

  • Networking project: the AB will create a formal framework for association executives to meet, converse and exchange information: the “International Associations Club”.

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