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Tuesday 7 September 2021

Are you experiencing difficulties with your business credit or your credit provider? - the Brussels business support agency -  provides free and confidential support to renew dialogue and promote an amiable relationship between the parties.

In practice

This mission involves an analysis of the situation in order to then propose different possible routes or implement a strategy in an attempt to solve the problem encountered. 

The mediation offered is free of charge, confidential, neutral and impartial.  He is not bound by the result of any action taken.

On a practical level, the credit mediator offers two types of different approach in terms of intervention for credit material according to the context.

  1. The first approach, type level 1, involves analysing the situation with the entrepreneur or the company, without the credit mediator making any contact with the finance body, and reworking the file based on banking and financial standards in order to facilitate the project being brought to appeal with the finance body or another financier.
  2. The second approach, type level 2, also involves an analysis of the situation and reworking the file with the entrepreneur or the company; then the credit mediator makes contact with the finance body in order to discuss any possible revision of the finance request or the issue being raised in more detail.

Intervention examples

  • A young company receives a letter from their bank to remove their short-term credit lines and consolidate the current debit balance into a 12 month credit agreement.  This decision occurs in the midst of a fundraising campaign. A type level 1 approach is requested from the credit mediator in order allow the bank’s position to be revised. This intervention allowed the fundraising to be finalised.
  • A company’s strategy for real estate acquisition in relation to the extension of its activities is blocked by a banking decision. The institution refuses to modify the current credit and the current guarantees. A type level 2 approach is requested from the credit mediator. The company, with the support of the mediator, creates a full and detailed business plan in order to allow it to appeal against its bank and also to present the project to other financial bodies.  This resulted in the intervention of a new bank that wanted to assist the real estate project and support the growth plan.

How can I request intervention from a credit mediator?

You can register your request directly on the site.

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