Funfair activities

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Friday 10 September 2021

The exercise and organisation of funfair activities is subject to a specific regulation.

Why is a specific regulation required?

With the development of leisure activities and theme parks, the requirements of fairground customers have evolved.

To adapt to this evolution, fairground operators have had to invest significant amounts of money in increasingly more sophisticated and thus more expensive attractions. However, their situation has remained unchanged. They were faced with discrepancies in terms of regulations and communal rules relative to access to fairgrounds, which offer them no guarantee on receiving their space, its conservation, and its assignment in terms of the activity.

What is the specific regulation for fairground operators?

  • A status that maintains their access to the fairground.
  • A base of general provisions for all communal regulations, as well as minimum rights; these rights offer guarantees for the obtainment, conservation, and assignment of their space and, as a result, a better professional guarantee and the possibility of preparing a career plan.
  • Greater stability, characterised by the flexibility required for the municipalities which may manage fairgrounds so as to renew them in their interest.
  • Greater safety for the consumer through better control of fairground attractions.

Acquiring the status of fairground operator

You can obtain this status:

  • By applying for authorisation for fairground activities allowing you to operate a fairground or a fairground catering establishment with table service.
  • However, operators of fairground catering establishments without table service (chip shops for example) must have authorisation allowing them to exercise itinerant activities; they are also allowed to exercise their activities outside the fairground, in any area where itinerant activities are authorised by the legislation concerned.

Where do I apply:

Applications can be made at an approved business one-stop shop.


  • For an employer: 150 Euros
  • For an agent: 100 Euros


In order to obtain a pitch on a fairground and operate an attraction, you must:

  • Request a pitch from a municipality.
  • Have fire insurance and civil liability insurance.
  • For propulsion attractions, you require, in addition to a risk analysis, proof of the regular technical controls carried out, maintenance and control sheets after assembly.
  • For fairground catering establishments, sanitary documents are required. 

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