Waste management in your company : which rules to respect?

Last modified:

Friday 10 September 2021

Who does not produce waste? To manage your waste properly, you must follow the rules that are specific to businesses and that apply in the Brussels-Capital Region.


Whether the waste is non-hazardous, hazardous or special waste (such as medical waste or construction site waste, including asbestos), you must:

  1. sort and store the waste appropriately, given that these are “waste products not produced by households”. 
  2. remove the waste by turning it over to, for example, a specialised collector who stops by your location.
  3. keep records, generally, in the form of removal contracts or invoices collected in a register.
  4. in some instances, request an environmental permit due, for example, to the quantities of waste at your business or the presence of a waste compactor.

Furthermore, there are authorisations/obligations:

Here is a link to best practices by waste type.

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