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The Port of Brussels is responsible for the management, exploitation, and development of the port, of the fore-port, and of the port facilities in the Brussels-Capital Region.  In its daily activities, the Port of Brussels brings together the three pillars of sustainable development: the environment, the economy, and the social.

The Port of Brussels is undertaking the following actions:

  • promotion of the port as logistic center and granting concessions to companies which set up in the Brussels port area
  • maintenance and expansion of the port infrastructure: renovation of the locks, terminal for cruise ships, expansion of capacity, beautification of bridges
  • increased security on its grounds with the help of surveillance cameras, patrols, an improved lighting, and a 24/7 call center.
  • development of new lines for freight transport, notably the connection with Zeebrugge or the ABC axis (Antwerp-Brussels-Charleroi)
  • organization of events and entertainment in the port domain (port festival, Bruxelles-les-Bains, exhibitions, historical information, etc.)
  • organization of job fairs for port workers and the logistics and recruitment of young people under first-job agreements.

Sustainable development

The Port of Brussels plays an important role in the area of sustainable development.

  • Economic activity: the companies of the Brussels port area are generally firmly anchored in the capital.  Their long-term investments guarantee the sustainability of economic activity and job creation.  The Brussels port domain represents 6,000 direct jobs, and 7,000 indirect ones.
  • Environmental benefits: water transportation is the least polluting method.  Thanks to the Port of Brussels, Brussels accounts for 740,000 less trucks per year (nearly 2,000 per day).  It is estimated that the Port of Brussels provides from 32,590 to 51,545 tons in CO2 savings.
  • Urban integration: the Port of Brussels also contributes to the social aspect of the port domain.  Today, you will find a range of leisure activities, a terminal for cruise ships in the fore-port, improved lighting throughout the domain, and signs explaining the history of the port

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