Writing a business plan

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Friday 3 September 2021

Although there is no fixed structure for the preparation of a business plan, it may be useful to use a model as a basis to make sure that you don't forget anything.  Adapt it to the specificities of your company.

Regardless of the order and headings, these 10 essential points must be covered in every good business plan :

  • The management team  
  • The commercial offer and its suitability to market needs 
  • The current state and likely evolution of the market and the environment 
  • The long-term vision and targets 
  • The sales and marketing strategy
  • The way the company will deliver its products or services
  • The administrative organisation 
  • The financial plan and financing methods 
  • Missing resources: team, partners, money, etc. 
  • The key factors for success

And if you would like a dynamic tool, it is useful to know that 1819 has specially developed a tool dedicated to the design of a business plan which will help you for free, and will support you in the creation process to maximize your chances of success: www.monbusinessplan.brussels

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