Reductions in social security contributions

Last modified:

Monday 19 April 2021

Federal employment aid generally consists of a structural reduction in employers' social security contributions or the allocation of a work benefit.

Attention: the structural reduction has been radically reformed as part of the tax shift (overall reduction in basic contributions). This means that all workers are no longer eligible for this reduction. The amount of the reduction varies according to the category to which the worker belongs, the worker's quarterly salary and the volume of his benefits. This amount is obtained according to specific mathematical formulas.

It is possible to combine a structural reduction in social security contributions with one (and no more than one) "target group" reduction. The idea is clearly to encourage employers to hire certain categories of workers.  Among these are the:

  • employment of staff for the first time
  • young workers
  • the long-term unemployed
  • older workers 
  • collective reduction of working time and a 4-day week
  • permanent workers in the hotel and catering sector
  • ...

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