Horeca authorisation

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Friday 10 September 2021

In most municipalities in the Brussels Capital Region, prior authorisation is required to operate a Horeca activity.

Who issues the Horeca authorisation?

The application is made to the self-employed department. Some municipalities have a department specifically for Horeca activities.

What are the conditions for obtaining the authorisation?

The municipality issues this authorisation after having checked that the future operator has met the legal obligations and completed the necessary formalities. They may also carry out an inspection before authorising the opening.

The municipality usually requires the following documents:

  • an opening application letter describing the activity proposed (possibly with a support plan)
  • a copy of the operator's identity card
  • a certificate of good character for shareholders and managers (to be requested, according to the municipality, from the police department or another specialised department)
  • the company number
  • a copy of the company's articles of association
  • a copy of a document certifying admission to the profession for the chef of a restaurant
  • a medical certificate issued by a doctor
  • a civil liability insurance certificate if the surface area accessible to the public is greater than or equal to 50 m²
  • an electric installation inspection certificate issued by an approved organisation
  • proof of authorisation from the federal food safety agency (AFSCA)
  • a positive report from the SIAMU prevention department
  • proof of the planning permit if such a permit is required, given the planning legislation
  • a copy of the waste removal contract
  • if applicable, an authorisation application for the use of a terrace (with a plan of the terrace and the surrounding public space)
  • if applicable, a positive opinion for the sale of fermented drinks and the licence for the sale of spirit drinks (issued by the municipality)

How much does this cost?

A municipal fee is often requested for the opening, re-opening, or revival of a Horeca establishment.

Where can I find more information?

Contact the self-employed department where the establishment is located. 

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